We’re addicted to fast-paced technology, so it’s no surprise that we’re already bored with the iPod.

ipodsAt eight years old, the iPod has become a staple for music-listeners much the way Walkman was back in the days of cassette tapes – all of 15 years ago.

When was the last time you saw anyone walking around with a Walkman?

Exactly our point.

Apple is figuring out new ways to keep the iPod relevant, as well as a few new innovations that might just replace one of its one-time most popular products.

One of the latest innovations is the iPod touch, which is an iPhone – without the phone part. It can connect to the internet, download videos and applications, browse email and the Web, and of course, it can listen to music. The touch is doing its best to bridge the gap between the iPod and the next new innovation – but Apple is already on the next innovation, too.

apple tablet Apple is working on a tablet with a touch-sensitive display much like the iPhone’s or the touch’s. The difference is that it may be as much as 10 inches across.   It’s rumored to hit the shelves in March 2010. That means that video and movie watching could be far more enjoyable a mobile experience, and it would also redefine what we’ve come to think of as “mobile.”

Our concept of the iPod was always small and pocket-sized, but then again, we used to have an idea that a pocket radio had to be the size of a paperback book. We adapt well to new technology; Apple has shown a surpassing ability to do the same.