Retailers including 7-Eleven, Blockbuster, Whole Foods Market, Restoration Hardware, and any number of other equally varied retailers were all banking on the Beatles last year.

The industry recently released – and saw excellent sales from – The Beatles: Rock Band, a video game that allows players to drum, play guitar, and sing along to the classic hits of the Fab Four.

The Beatles are hardly a thing of the past, with many in the younger generation still posting them on their Facebook pages among their favorite artists, right next to more recent inundations to the pop hall of fame like the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus.

Retailers hoping to generate interest in the new video game are relying heavily on interactive devices in their stores and contests that appeal to younger people. 7-Eleven hosted a contest around their Slurpees and Big Gulps, while Best Buy put out setups in over 800 stores and giving away Beatles memorabilia and prizes like trips to London.

Though the majority of sales were expected to go to older players, retailers are pretty certain that those who lived through the glory days of the Brit invasion won’t need much persuasion to relive their favorite memories of Yesterday.

The new Rock Band is bound to see a lot of popularity, especially as the Beatles have notoriously kept their music from becoming available in single-song format on media channels like iTunes.