People are coming to expect that no matter what they’re doing, there’s an application that can help them do it faster, better, and easier.

Real estate firms are answering the call with a series of applications that are designed to make looking at home in a certain area easier when potential buyers are on the go.

Though real estate agents say that the applications aren’t actually improving their bottom line, they are pacifying the buyers who have come to expect apps for everything. With global-positioning technology, buyers can see other houses in the area that they’re perusing without actually having to go across town to a house that doesn’t even fit their specifications. They’re also able to see other homes that a realtor might not show them.

Buyers can get details like the house’s location, a map, panoramic views, photo galleries, home values, and even the amount of crime in an area.

The apps may not be helping real estate agents sell more houses, but they are extremely popular. One of the biggest real-estate info sites, Zillow, says people are looking up two million homes a month on its free app, which has been downloaded nearly one million times already.