According to a recent story reported by Bloomberg Business Week, Apple has become a fierce competitor in the mobile market since the release of iAds in June 2010.
These mobile ads allow advertisers to place interactive banner ads on mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, the iPad touch and even on some of the popular game applications. The IDC has forecasted that Apple should have an even share with Google (about 21% each) of the advertising market by the end of this year.
Apple has already contracted with well-known household names such as Skippy (peanut butter), Ragu, Best Buy, and Direct TV among others to participate in the new advertising program. They have reportedly doubled their advertising sales since the iAd launch in June.
Apple has shown it has a lot to offer in the mobile ad market. One of its biggest advantages is that it can target the needs of users in their iTunes network, which now encompasses over 100 million users.
Apple does have some drawbacks in its marketing campaign as well: It requires some control over those campaigns that may not seem lucrative to some advertisers. Advertisers are not able to limit their ads to one device such as the iPad or iPhone either, which might limit the effectiveness of the program.