After years of success with paid search advertising, Google is now moving into the TV advertising game to help small businesses limit the costs and risks associated with traditional media buying.

With its new TV Ads product, Google is reaching out to customers who may not be able to weather the traditional cost of TV advertising. Smaller businesses can get access to advertising on national stations like ESPN, TNT, CNN and 100 other networks for a fraction of the normal cost.

Although it’s true that local television advertising has been losing more consumers to online content in the past few years, national advertising campaigns bring far better results than banner ads on search engine results pages. Up until now, the costs for national advertising campaigns had been far too great for smaller businesses.

According to Inc. Magazine, typical ads will run between $2,500 and $3,500 per week. Businesses can bid on airtime, similar to how Google AdWords customers bid on search engine advertising. This opens up the television advertising market to companies that didn’t have a multi-million dollar budget to use traditional media buying outlets.

Google TV Ads has already had a few successes with small and mid-sized business advertisers:, an ecommerce site operator, and one of its websites, were able to use the Google TV Ads platform to reach their target market directly. The platform helps small business advertisers use their existing customer demographics to find shows, times and channels that are a good fit. For this advertiser, the Golf Channel, ESPN and HGTV were a match, as well as grilling-based shows that attract BBQ fans – like Food Network’s “Boy Meets Grill.”

Google TV Ads is still relatively new and time will tell if this will remain profitable for the company, the television networks and advertisers. It’s not a scalable TV advertising medium, meaning that it’s hard to build a larger scale TV campaign using Google TV. However, it could mark the start of more flexible, targeted and effective television advertising that is win-win-win for everyone involved.